The Czechoslovak Legion 1914-1920

My next book will be None Shall Pass Us by in Silence, The Czechoslovak Legion, 1914-1920. 

"Neither the Allies or Vienna will be able to pass us by in silence if we have soldiers."

- Thomas Masaryk, President of the Czechoslovak National Council, February 1915

The Czar of Russia gave permission for the formation of a military organization comprised of Czech and Slovak immigrants under Russian Officers. Thus was born what later became the Czechoslovak Legion.

The Legion fought first for the Czar, then the Russian Revolutionary Government that briefly followed the Czar, and the Allies against the Central Powers. With the end of World War I, the Legion fought, initially for their own survival, the Bolsheviks, as an Allied military formation, making their way across 4000 miles of Russia to Vladivostok, and from there to home. The Legion’s story involves events in Russia, decisions made in the capitals for Europe, numerous Allied armies, and a government created in exile for a Czechoslovak state that did not exist, initially, except in the minds of its founders. 

The Legion captured the imagination and commanded the respect of the Allied nations and gave legitimacy to the Czechoslovak government in exile’s claim to self-rule. 

As I write this book, the Legion will remain at the center of the story, but it is important to look at a context larger than their actions to understand their accomplishments. 

What they did was no less than earn nationhood for the Czechoslovak people.
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